Oxford Technology Park proudly announces Innovation category finalists in the Cherwell Business Awards 2023

As proud sponsors of the Innovation category in the Cherwell Business Awards (CBAs) 2023, Oxford Technology Park (OTP) is delighted to unveil its three exceptional finalists up for the award: 

The three deserving finalists in the Innovation Category are:

  1. FitnessGenes: A pioneer in personalised fitness and nutrition, FitnessGenes utilises cutting-edge genetic testing and data analysis to provide tailor-made fitness and dietary recommendations, helping individuals optimise their performance and well-being.
  2. The Little Car Company: Revolutionising the world of automotive engineering, The Little Car Company is the world leading expert in hand-building junior electric vehicles of iconic classics.
  3. Ethos Technology: A trailblazer in bridging the technology gap between the US and the UK, a value-added distributor who specialises in the delivery of next generation technologies.

“We are incredibly proud to support and recognise these outstanding finalists in the CBAs‘ Innovation Category,” said Ian Harris, Director of Asset Management at Life Science REIT. “Their commitment to innovation, dedication to pushing boundaries, and positive impact on our community exemplify the spirit of progress and excellence that OTP strives to foster.”

The CBAs celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses and individuals across the Cherwell district, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the local economy and community. The winners of each category, including the Innovation Category, will be announced and celebrated at the prestigious awards ceremony on Friday 8 September 2023 at The Chesterton Hotel, where the best and brightest in the business community will come together.

Full details about the awards and to purchase your ticket, visit the CBAs website.

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